10 yr / 400,000 km


10 Years - 400,000 km

What is the NAPA 10 Year/400,000 km Limited Engine & Driveline Warranty?

The NAPA 10 Year/400,000 km Limited Engine & Driveline Warranty covers the repair or replacement of certain engine and driveline components against failure, up to 10 years or 400,000 km – whichever occurs first. For a complete copy of the NAPA 10/400 Warranty Terms & Conditions, click here.

Who qualifies for the Warranty?

Individuals, professional associations or corporations that own or lease vehicles, and who are primarily obligated to have their regular maintenance or warranty maintenance service performed at a dealership (other than manufacturer’s warranty repairs or recalls), or a retail automotive service centre may qualify for the program.

What vehicles qualify?

To qualify, vehicles must have less than 60,000 km and have been manufactured within the last 48 months. Competition, agriculture/farming, mining, diesel and commercial vehicles do not qualify.

What do I need to do to maintain my warranty coverage?

You must have your vehicle serviced exclusively at any participating NAPA AUTOPRO facility in Canada and in accordance with your vehicle manufacturers’ “severe service” guidelines, including regular oil and filter changes at intervals not exceeding 8,000 km or 4 months, and regular transmission/transaxle/transfer case/differential fluid and filter changes at intervals not exceeding 80,000 km or 36 months- whichever occurs first. You must keep copies of your service invoices.

My manufacturer suggests I may be able to travel in excess of 8,000 km between services. Who should I listen to?

Most vehicles are driven under “severe operating” conditions, as outlined in your vehicle owner’s manual, and this tends to come with a recommendation that more frequent maintenance service be performed. It’s up to you how often you have your vehicle serviced however; to qualify for the NAPA 10/400 Limited Warranty, you need to have your vehicle serviced regularly, including a motor oil and filter change every 4 months or a maximum of every 8,000 km, and your transmission/transaxle/transfer case/differential serviced every 80,000 km or 36 months– whichever occurs first.