Service Inspection

A 10 YR Warranty!

Did you know you can get a 10 YR / 400,000 km warranty just by using Grant’s Service Centre?

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We Give Your Car a Thorough Inspection - Every Time!

Every Time you bring your vehicle in for a service we will give it a COMPLIMENTARY preventative maintainence inspection

We will look over the following items

Exterior Lights/Marker lights/Horn
Windshield Wipers/Fluid
Battery & Cables
Coolant Strength/Fluid
Air Filter
Transmission Fluid
LF ___ tire tread depth
RF___ tire tread depth
LR ___ tire tread depth
RR ___ tire tread depth
Tire Pressures
CV Joints/Boots/Driveshaft
Power Steering Fluid
Exhaust / Undercarriage
Brake Lines/Brake Hoses
Brake Fluid
Fuel Lines/Fuel Hoses
Transfer Case Fluid (4WD)
Differential Fluid/Final Drive (RWD)

We will look over the listed items and let you know of any issues so you can stay on the road longer!

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